Samsung Galaxy A80 and A70 active review


Samsung Galaxy A80 and A70 active review

Samsung's Galaxy A event in Italy is currently behind the USA, however, the most effective bit is nevertheless to return - our active time with the Galaxy A80, of course! A slider, a swivel triple camera, notch-free bezel-less screen, and a lot of - their square measure such a lot of things to visualize within the new Galaxy A80. however, if this is often an excessive amount of for you, then you may have an interest in the lot of normal Galaxy A70.

Samsung was one among the few manufacturers to remain off from the screen notch as long as attainable and it still is - prioritizing punch-holes before drop notch. So, if anyone had told the USA a short while past that the corporate would dive deep into the experimental styles with each slider and a swivel, we'd have referred to as it is extremely unbelievable. however a couple of weeks past, the leaks began hinting what appeared unbelievable to be much on the method.

And these days - the Galaxy A80 was declared in Italy with an outsized half-dozen.7" AMOLED screen and it's notch-free and as bezel-less as they are available. it's a slider similar to the Mi combine three, however rather than revealing some of the selfie snappers - the rear triple-camera is on a swivel and rotates mechanically to double as a high-end selfie imager.

The moving camera contains a trending 48MP sensing element with f/2.0 lens for normal photos, Associate in Nursing 8MP snapper behind f/2.2 12mm ultra-wide-angle lens, and a ToF camera. this is often each your main and your selfie camera, that means you must be obtaining high-end expertise notwithstanding the occasion.

Samsung Galaxy A80 specs

Samsung additionally showed the Galaxy A70 at the event, that was disclosed formally a couple of days past. It's primarily the A80 however while not a slider - that means a half-dozen.7" Super AMOLED screen with a notch containing a 32MP selfie camera and a triple non-rotating camera on the rear.

The A70 is additionally running on the flower 675 chip rather than 730.
Samsung Galaxy A70 specs

Samsung Galaxy A80 official images

Samsung Galaxy A70 official images

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